A framework for developing wall criticism
3.1 DRG

  • The hidden frame is a unique development product of Durogar Ltd. and is used for the purpose of creating an inspection and maintenance opening for various systems in the building.
  • The frame is simple to install and is made of high-quality plastic that allows durability for years.
  • Frame is intended for installation on walls without the need for mechanical fixation or gluing. (The frame is not intended for installation on the ceiling).
  • In order to ensure proper functioning of the frame, the correct cutting size must be exact – outer opening 150/150 mm, inner element 135/135 mm.
  • The thickness of the frame makes it possible to install ceramic tiles, plasterboards and other additional elements as well as materials for acoustic insulation.

Technical data:

  • Raw material: nylon PA 6
  • External opening: 150/150 mm
  • Internal element: 135/135 mm
  • Colors: gray, beige, black, transparent